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NDIS Behaviour Counselling

Michelle loves supporting and working with children and adults with behavioural issues. Behaviour counselling with Michelle can gently assist adults and children in developing and learning new life skills so that they feel confident to respond to the challenges life presents. Michelle supports you and your support team to reach your full potential through building self-awareness, responsibility and practical skills. Feel free to give Michelle a call to discuss further.

NDIS Counselling

With Behaviour Counsellor Michelle Crowe

Michelle is an experienced behaviour counsellor; she brings a wealth of professional and personal experience as a down-to-earth, practical, warm and caring practitioner. She has extensive training and expertise in behaviour counselling, including supporting and working with people with disabilities, improving life skills, relationships, crisis intervention, suicidal ideation, trauma, grief and loss. NDIS funding may be available for improved daily living.

NDIS Currumbin Counselling

Michelle has an innate ability to connect to people from all walks of life. She enjoys supporting people to reach their full potential and reconnect to the joy in life. Michelle’s approach is strengths-based behaviour counselling that empowers clients to self-master the life skills required to improve their quality of life and increase their capacity to live as independently as possible.

NDIS Behaviour counselling services for Improved Daily Living

  • NDIS support for self-funded and plan-managed clients for Improved Daily Living skills

  • Extensive behaviour counselling support

  • Experience with Autism, ADHA, ADD, (ODD), Oppositional Defiance Disorder, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities and language disorders

  • Relationship, family and work challenges

  • Adult and childhood bullying at work, school, home and the community

  • Anxiety, stress and overwhelm 

  • Behaviour change, anger management, tantrums and meltdowns

  • Sexual abuse, including incest and paedophilia

  • Self-esteem and perfectionism issues

  • Trauma, abuse, PTSD, childhood and adult

  • Sleeping disorders, insomnia, nightmares and night terrors

  • Emotional support for clients with physical disabilities, such as paraplegia, MS and MD

  • Support for clients experiencing Acquired Brain Injury, Parkinson's and Huntington's 

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Michelle is a parent of a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Michelle has extensive experience in the area of Autism, ADHD and ODD, having parented a now 22-year-old son who was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (level 2), a mild intellectual disability, ADHD, ODD, language and learning delay, severe behavioural issues and anxiety. This gives her first-hand insight into the challenges that parents and carers face daily. Michelle's son attended 11 different educational settings in 13 years. He now lives independently and is working full-time.

Client testimonial

Michelle has been supporting my son Adam with behaviour counselling through the NDIS. Adam was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD two years ago. When we first met Michelle, my son's behaviour was out of control; he was aggressive, depressed and having suicidal thoughts. There was conflict both at home and at school. It was very challenging for Adam and the whole family. Michelle supported us in implementing some strategies at home so we could start working together as a team. She also supported Adam in empowering himself at school with the bullying issues he was experiencing. This started to work straight away, and the bullying stopped. Adam has gone from being defiant and oppositional to wanting to help around the house, and he is now okay to go to school, too. I also feel more empowered and enjoy Adam's company; such a massive shift in just a few short months. 

Peter, Flagstone

Image by Vivek Sharma

Caring and comprehensive behaviour support

As part of Michelle's approach to working with people experiencing a disability, client interaction includes a thorough intake and assessment process. This may include behaviour implementation, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the plan and making changes as needed. This requires reviewing strategies to ensure that the client's quality-of-life outcomes are achieved.

Through her experience with clients and specialist training over many years, Michelle meets all the core capabilities required by the NDIS as a Behaviour Counsellor.

Professional Development

Michelle participates in regular counselling supervision and exceeds the minimum expected requirements every year. She is committed to life-long learning, ongoing professional development and regularly participates in self-reflection and reflective practice under supervision. She is currently a Level 2 member accredited with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and committed to keep developing her professional skills and lived experience. She is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Counselling with the AIPC with a goal to further expand her knowledge and deepen her purpose.

Work Portrait

NDIS Behaviour Counselling with Michelle Crowe

Behaviour Counselling Sessions are available by appointment. You can access Michelle's NDIS Behaviour Support Services under NDIS if you have the Improved Daily Living category in your plan. Contact Michelle if you would like to discuss further.

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