As a caring intuitive counsellor and practitioner Michelle assists clients to gain greater awareness of limiting patterns and behaviours that bring the mind and body into disharmony, which can manifest as emotional tension, pain and dis-ease. This awareness can, in turn, empower clients to surrender, let go and re-connect to the joy, love and harmony of who they truly are.
Michelle Crowe from The Wellbeing Sphere

Working with Michelle has helped me enormously improve my health and well-being in a range of areas. From assisting a speedy recovery post double knee operation to helping gain greater clarity, emotional stability, calmness and grounding in all aspects of my personal and work life. She is now an integral part of my own self care and most often my first point of call when I am in pain or struggling in life. I highly recommend her.

Edna McKelvey, Executive Coach & Psychotherapist

Michelle Crowe Healing session

Qualifications & Modalities

Diploma of Counselling - Evolve College 

Diploma Chakra-puncture - Evolve College

Connective Tissue Therapy - EPA accredited

Energetic Facial Release - EPA accredited

Esoteric Healing Level 5 - EPA accredited

Certificates in Swedish Massage, Nutrition & Anatomy and Physiology - Nature Care College 2001, 2009, 2014


Lifeline Crisis Support Counsellor - October 2018

Mental Health First Aid - Lifeline 2018

Assist Suicide Training - Lifeline 2018

RAGE Workshop Training - Award-winning Anger Management course for children 2018 - Interventions Plus.com.au

Ethics Teacher Training - June 2019. Volunteer Ethics Teacher at Wheeler Heights Public School.

Michelle provides a supportive and nurturing environment for her clients. With over 10 years of experience working with men, women and children from all walks of life she has an innate ability to work with and talk to clients about any emotional or physical issues they may be experiencing. 


The sessions Michelle offers include Counselling and or a combination of Complementary Therapies tailored to the client's needs and can include: Connective Tissue Therapy, Chakra-puncture, Esoteric (Inner-most) Healing & Massage.


All of Michelle’s work is complementary to medicine she appreciates the importance of Western Medicine (which saved her life when she had breast cancer). 

Michelle’s sessions are powerful yet gentle, she facilitates true healing by addressing the root energetic cause of any physical and emotional issues, offering her clients a safe space to deeply surrender, let go of issues and re-connect to the amazing beings they truly are.


Michelle has extensive experience working with long-term held early childhood trauma and abuse, she is both sensitive, gentle and very understanding. 


Prior to working as a practitioner, Michelle worked in the corporate world for 20 years, so she understands the pressures this can bring. Michelle also has a large blended family and an adult child with Autism, ADHD, ODD and a mild intellectual disability. She draws from all her life experience (including personal experience with breast cancer and a mastectomy in 2005) to support her clients in their professional and personal development working with executives with business, work-related issues and bullying, through to supporting parents and families of children with sleep issues, stress, overwhelm, exhaustion and anxiety.


Michelle supports clients with a wide variety of health issues ranging from relationship issues, pain, fear and exhaustion to chronic disease. She also supports clients with home and hospital visits after surgery, during cancer and for palliative care.


Michelle is a full-time counsellor, practitioner and business owner of both her clinics in Balmain and Collaroy offering sessions in person and via Skype.


She has experience as a volunteer Lifeline Crisis Support Counsellor supporting people with crisis on the phones and an Ethics Teacher at her local public school Wheeler Heights.


Michelle is also a presenter at workshops including Wellbeing for Women events and a recent Breast Cancer Care Retreat.

Michelle is fully insured holding public liability insurance with AON.

A Practitioner Member of the Esoteric Practitioners Association.

Current Working with Children Clearance Certificate and a full police/crime check.



Michelle Crowe Counselling Session

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