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Michelle specialises in trauma-informed body-centred Somatic Therapy, which is focused on the mind-body connection. This approach is based on the understanding that many people with mental health issues (ranging from anxiety to diagnosed conditions) have experienced some form of trauma in their lives. Trauma from past experiences can be physically and energetically held in the body. Somatic bodywork can support with unlocking and releasing this trauma.

Somatic Bodywork

Somatic bodywork practice is recognised worldwide as a strength-based, empowering, collaborative and reflective approach to trauma work. Trauma is described as the event, the experience of that event and the long-lasting adverse effects of the event – a historical hurt that has a detrimental impact on your life in the present. For example, you may have felt rejected by someone in the past, so you are now afraid to let anyone into your life, and this holding back actually creates the hurt you are trying to avoid, leaving you feeling lonely and rejected. 


Soma means 'body' in Latin, so Somatic means 'of the body' and is most often used in connection with one's health. Using gentle hands-on healing techniques with the client fully clothed, Michelle assists in releasing any pent-up trauma that has become 'trapped' in the body. The sessions are offered in a nurturing environment so people feel completely safe to let go of all that may be holding them back from living their full potential.

Benefits of Trauma-Informed Practice

How people experience and deal with a traumatic or stressful event greatly influences whether there are long-lasting adverse effects. Trauma varies widely, from an accident that can cause a permanent disability or brain injury to the emotional trauma of childhood abuse or grief over the loss of a person. Trauma can cause emotional, physical and psychological distress, affect social development and lead to anxiety, depression and/or addiction.


With Somatic Therapy and counselling, Michelle can gently support to let go of the emotional and physical holding, which can present as tension and pain in the body. Being free of the burden of past hurts, mistrusts and letdowns is life-changing and reconnects to purpose, joy and vitality.

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Client testimonial

“Michelle is a very practical and intuitive practitioner with an amazing ability to support the body and mind to clear and release trauma. Her insight and wisdom have assisted me to let go of long-held hurts and harming behavioural patterns allowing me to experience lasting change in my health, well-being and vitality."

Alison, Sydney

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Somatic Body-Centred Therapy can support with:

  • Trauma, PTSD (including police, teachers, servicemen and women; some health fund rebates available)

  • Emotional and domestic abuse 

  • Stress, anxiety and overwhelm 

  • Low self-esteem and self worth, mood, depression and exhaustion

  • Grief, sadness, loss and rejection

  • Eating disorders, digestion and gut issues

  • Autism, ADHA, ADD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder

  • Suicidal ideation

  • Individual and couples conflictrelationships, family and work

  • Separation and divorce, child custody 

  • Adult and child bullying

  • Women's Health (miscarriage, menopause, 
    endometriosis, period pain, hysterectomy)

  • Birth trauma and attachment issues

  • Men's Health, including prostate cancer

  • Sexual abuse and incest, paedophilia

  • Sleep issues, insomnia, nightmares, night terrors

  • Chronic emotional and physical pain 

  • Cancer Support (including breast cancer and chemotherapy)

  • Terminal illness diagnosis and related trauma

  • End-of-life support for clients and their families

  • Chronic health issues, including Parkinsons, Huntingtons disease, MD and MS

  • Physical disabilities and acquired brain injury

  • Trauma and grief from the loss of pets

  • Fear, loneliness and protection issues

Client testimonial

"Michelle is extraordinarily gifted at facilitating the mind and body to let go and heal from past hurts. She has amazed me with her insight and wisdom, creating real opportunities for myself and my entire family to experience lasting changes and re-connect to the joy of life" 

Angela, Executive Coach, Manly

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