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Relaxation Massage 

Massage can assist with stress reduction, the release of muscular tension and support for any emotional and mental health conditions. Relaxation massage Currumbin provides a safe and nurturing healing space to surrender and let go of the tension and stresses of everyday life.

Currumbin Massage at The Wellbeing Sphere

Michelle offers relaxation massage which is gentle and deeply nurturing. This supports the body to let go naturally without using hard pressure which can create discomfort and pain. 

This form of massage consists of smooth, long and flowing strokes that promote general relaxation, improve blood circulation and relieve muscular tension. It is deeply settling and, where possible, allows for greater range of movement.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage at Currumbin, Gold Coast supports the body to deeply rest and rejuvenate. It can also be an antidote to the the daily stresses of life and greatly assist to just simply slow down. 

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Client testimonial

I have attended the Wellbeing Sphere Clinic for various issues, and each time, I float away feeling like I have been massaged from the inside out. Michelle has such a beautiful, nurturing way of massage and healing that I have never experienced before; it has been life-changing.

Marie, Psychotherapist

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