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Counselling Services

General Counselling

In a non-judgemental and nurturing counselling setting, Michelle can support you to make sustainable and enduring changes across all areas of your life.
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Relationship, Family and Couples Counselling

Michelle Crowe works with couples, families and groups to support with Relationship Counselling in Currumbin, Gold Coast. Online and in person sessions are available. Learn more below.

Behaviour Counselling

Michelle has extensive expertise and experience as a behaviour counsellor; this includes over twenty years of supporting her son with Autism, ADHD and ODD. She has an innate ability to meet every person for the amazing being they are and knows that nobody is ever their behaviour. Behaviour is what we do and not what we are. Michelle works with individuals and their support teams to develop lasting behavioural change, learn new life skills and increase capacity and independence.

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Michelle has years of experience working with children of all ages, this includes 22 years raising a son with Autism, ADHD, ODD, a mild intellectual disability, learning delay, language delay and anxiety. She uses this life experience plus extensive behaviour specialist training to support her clients. Counselling sessions with Michelle can gently assist in letting go of tension and stress which can present as anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion and behavioural issues. 

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