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What clients are saying. . .

"Over the many years of sessions I have had with Michelle, I have always felt seen, heard and supported to be the true version of who I am. Her ability to hold space, to allow realisations to precipitate and to cut through the noise of life with humour and down-to-earth practicalities, have always been, and continue to be, deeply appreciated and treasured."

Carly S, Sydney

I have attended the Wellbeing Sphere Clinic for various issues and each time, I float away feeling like I have been massaged from the inside out. Michelle has such a beautiful, nurturing way of counselling and healing that I have never experienced before; it has been life-changing.

Marie C - Psychotherapist

“Michelle is a very intuitive practitioner with an amazing ability to support the body and mind to heal, her insight and wisdom has assisted me to experience lasting health, well-being and vitality."


Alison C - Sydney

I was recommended to Michelle by a friend after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I was only given a few months to live. I live in a remote area so I have had weekly online sessions with Michelle. I have felt totally supported throughout the journey from my initial diagnosis to chemo and beyond. I have continued regular sessions for over 2 years now, and I look forward to speaking with Michelle each week. Her personal experience with breast cancer and other clients with terminal illnesses has really supported me in bringing acceptance and a settlement into my daily life. Her love and care have been invaluable and I highly recommend her.

Janice C - Registered Nurse

"I would not be where I am today without the sessions I have undertaken with Michelle.  It has been a journey, however, the approach she taken with me as a client and the support provided has given me the chance to open up, grow as a person and empower myself in all aspects of my life. My relationships have all improved, the ability to deal with any stress has been greatly enhanced and my sense of fulfilment and general happiness in life have all dramatically increased. 

Michelle is incredibly supportive and an amazing counsellor, I am grateful that she was recommended to me."

Julie, Marketing Executive, UK

Michelle has been supporting my son Adam with behaviour counselling through the NDIS. Adam was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD 2 years ago. When we first met Michelle my son's behaviour was out of control; he was aggressive, depressed and having suicidal thoughts. There was conflict both at home and at school. It was very challenging for Adam and the whole family. Michelle supported us in implementing some strategies (including token economy) at home so that we could start to work together as a team. She also supported Adam in empowering himself at school with the bullying. This started to work straight away, and the bullying stopped. Adam has gone from being defiant and oppositional to wanting to help around the house, and he is now okay to go to school, too. I also feel more empowered and enjoy Adam's company, a massive shift in just a few months. Thank you your support has been life-changing

Peter, Flagstone

"Michelle is extraordinarily gifted at facilitating the mind and body to heal from past hurts. She has amazed me with her insight and wisdom, creating real opportunities for myself and my entire family to experience lasting changes and re-connect to the joy of life" 


Angela, Executive Coach, Broadbeach

"Michelle has supported my whole family through a very serious health crisis." My son was diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 21. We have all managed this situation very differently because of the loving support and caring sessions we have all received. In my first session, I felt the most relaxed I have ever felt in my whole life! I now leave the sessions feeling centred knowing that I bring that calm into the storm and I feel more equipped to manage life.

I am now dealing with the daily challenges the whole family faces in an amazing way. My friends have commented on how well I am coping, as are both my children and I attribute this to the sessions I am having with Michelle. Thank you so much."

Jackie - Mother and Business Women

Working with Michelle has helped me enormously improve my mental health and well-being in a range of areas. From assisting a speedy recovery from the stress of a double knee operation to helping gain greater clarity, emotional stability, calmness and grounding in all aspects of my personal and work life. She is now an integral part of my own self care and most often my first point of call when I am in pain or struggling in life. I highly recommend her.

EM, Executive Coach & Psychotherapist

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