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In a non-judgemental and nurturing counselling setting, Michelle can support you to make sustainable and enduring changes across all areas of life.

Counselling Support Services

With Burleigh Heads and Currumbin Counsellor Michelle Crowe

Developing self-understanding and self-reflection are the first steps in unlocking the harming patterns and beliefs that hold us back. These qualities give us greater clarity to understand the root cause of the deeper issues that negatively impact daily life and sap our vitality and joy. 

Counselling West Burleigh

Counselling sessions allow you to discuss and express any issues you may have in a safe and nurturing environment.


For Michelle, understanding is of the essence and support is offered with no judgment. She uses a strengths-based approach which confirms the amazing being you truly are. Working with Michelle can empower you to take your own steps to heal and thrive.

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Client testimonial

I was recommended to Michelle by a friend after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I was only given a few months to live.


This was devastating and very traumatic for me. I live in a remote area, so to be able to have weekly online sessions with Michelle was amazing. I have felt totally supported throughout the journey from my initial diagnosis to chemo and beyond.


I have continued regular sessions for over two years now and look forward to speaking with Michelle each week. Her experience with breast cancer and other clients with terminal illnesses has supported me immensely letting go of the trauma in bringing acceptance and a settlement into my daily life. Her love and care have been invaluable, and I highly recommend her.

Janice C, Registered Nurse

Counselling services and experience:

  • Individual and couples counselling, relationships, family and work

  • Separation and divorce, child custody and family court

  • Adult and child bullying 

  • Grief, sadness and loss 

  • Anger Management

  • Sexual abuse, children and adults

  • Trauma, PTSD (including police, teachers, servicemen and women; some health fund 
    rebates available)

  • NDIS Behaviour Counselling, children and adults (self-funded and plan-managed clients for Improved Daily Living)

  • Autism, ADHA, ADD, ODD, intellectual and learning disabilities, language disorders

  • Emotional support for clients with physical disabilities such as paraplegics. 

  • Aged care mental health  

  • Dementia clients of all ages

  • Sleeping disorders, insomnia, nightmares 
    and night terrors

  • Women's Health, including PMS or PMT and Menopause

  • Men's Health, including prostate cancer

  • Birth Trauma and breastfeeding issues

  • Support with dealing with all types of cancer diagnosis including but not limited to Breast, Ovarian, Brain, Throat, Oesophageal, Pancreas, Bowel and Skin cancers.

  • Support navigating through the emotional journey of a cancer diagnosis. 

  • Terminal illness and end-of-life support for clients and their families

  • Emotional support for clients experiencing Parkinsons, Huntingtons disease, MD and MS 

Client testimonial

I would not be where I am today without the sessions I have undertaken with Michelle.  It has been a journey, however, the approach she has taken with me as a client and the support provided has given me the chance to open up, grow as a person and empower myself in all aspects of my life. My relationships have all improved, the ability to deal with any stress has been greatly enhanced and my sense of fulfilment and general happiness in life have all dramatically increased.
Michelle is incredibly supportive and an amazing counsellor, I am grateful that she was recommended to me."

Julie, Marketing Executive, UK

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