Massage Therapies

Massage therapies can assist with stress reduction, a large number of musculo-skeletal, emotional and mental conditions, as well as a return to greater body awareness and connection. When offered with energetic integrity, a massage treatment provides a safe and deep healing space where one can re-connect with themself. Massage can then become a profound nurturing experience that promotes the body self-healing ability.
Massage at The Wellbeing Sphere

At the Wellbeing Sphere, we offer a variety of massage therapies to suit the unique needs of our clients.


Our highly experienced and qualified practitioners bring with them years of experience in remedial, relaxation and esoteric massage techniques, in addition to that genuine care and deep love for each and every client. 

Remedial Massage *

Remedial massage is the systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management.

Man being massaged
Massage Therapies can offer a space for deep healing and rejuvenation.

The techniques of remedial massage therapy include components of relaxation massage and deep tissue massage with additional techniques such as trigger point therapy and stretching. Each treatment and/or massage program is customised to the client’s needs and may be accompanied with home care advice as a way to support the integration of and/or accelerate the healing as part of one’s day to day life.

* Balmain clinic only. Health fund rebate available with Alexandra Plane. For specific illnesses and injuries, please ask for your Doctor’s consent before booking an appointment.

Esoteric Massage

Esoteric Massage is a powerful healing modality that can support the release and clearing of ingrained energetic configurations and physical patterns of movements that lead to disharmony or dis-ease in the body. The esoteric massage techniques consist of very gentle, non-imposing movements that are deeply nurturing and allow the body to truly let go and open up to deeper levels of healing as the body is supported to return to its natural flow and harmony in movement.

Many clients share that they experience a feeling of deep stillness and ease within themselves during and following this form of massage treatment.

Relaxation Massage

Sometimes referred as Swedish Massage, relaxation massage allows for deep rest, rejuvenation and emotional wellbeing. Relaxation massage consists of smooth, long and flowing massage strokes that promote general relaxation, improves blood circulation, range of movement and relieves muscular tension. This style of massage therapy is a supportive antidote to let go of the daily stresses of life and those living in the fast lane. 

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