Food & Nutrition

How and what we eat has a direct impact on how we feel. Our food and food choices can either help or hinder us in the healing process.
How do our Food Choices Affect Us?

Everything we eat has an affect on us. Be it symptoms in our physical body, or different thoughts and emotions we are experiencing, our food choices, along with the way in which we prepare our food and sit down to eat, all has a role or impact on our overall health and well-being. 

Foods that are salty or high in processed sugars have a stimulating effect on the body, putting the digestive & nervous systems into fast

Salad Recipe

forward mode. The same can be said for stimulating beverages such as coffee, caffeinated tea, cola and or other energy drinks. This stimulation leaves one with a false sense of energy that inevitably ends as a stress on the body that can often lead to feelings of anxiety and ultimately exhaustion.


Making Changes to our Diet?

Sometimes it is not enough to be aware of the negative effect certain foods have on us as we find ourselves still reaching for them on the supermarket shelf. The psychology behind our food choices is a deeply personal experience and often something we need to explore with the loving support of a practitioner who can listen and guide us.


At The Wellbeing Sphere we offer support and counselling for clients who have issues around food. This includes dietary support & coaching for those who are struggling to give up certain foods, as well as counselling for eating disorders.

For some delicious & wholesome recipes we recommend visiting the Unimed Living Recipe pages here.

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