Yoga & Meditation

With gentle movements and with the development of conscious presence, Yoga supports the building of physical, emotional, mental and energetic fitness, and deepens our ability to remain connected in our everyday life. Meditation is a tool for reconnection with self. It offers a full stop moment where we can check-in where we are at, how our body feels and come back to ourself. Private, group and corporate classes available.
What is the purpose of Yoga?

The purpose of Yoga is to support a re-connection with the body and the essence within. Yoga then supports the re-turning to our innate way of being, where we move and live from this union with the body and our being inside (the meaning of the word "Yoga" is "union” or “connection”). This extraordinary, however natural way of being has long been forgotten by many. 


As gentle and simple physical movements are performed with a quality of deep connection with self, the body and its being are profoundly nurtured and cared for - supporting the building of true physical, physiological, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic fitness.

The physical movements may comprise of stretching, strengthening, balancing practices done in lying, standing, sitting or on hands and knees. Beyond the physical component, a yoga session would typically also include body awareness, relaxation, breathing and meditation practices.

Private Yoga / Yoga Therapy

Private Yoga / Yoga Therapy brings in the therapeutic application of Yoga. it is a special setting where the needs of each individual can be specifically addressed. Support with managing stress, anxiety, rebuilding from exhaustion, addressing sleep, digestive concerns or musculoskeletal conditions such as muscle tension/tightness, back pain are some examples. 


Sessions available at Balmain clinic or online with Alexandra Plane.  


Meditation is a tool for reconnection with self in daily life. Meditation offers a stop moment where we can check-in where we are at, how our body feels and allows us to come back to a place of balance, focus, integrity and clarity. True meditation begins when we take the quality of connection with self developed in a formal practice into all our day to day activities.

Sessions available in our Balmain/Collaroy clinics or online with both Michelle Crowe and Alexandra Plane  

Draw from the expertise of our highly experienced and qualified practitioners

Learning Yoga and Meditation from a qualified and experienced instructor is a most precious gift. Sessions are suitable for people of all ages, levels of health and fitness.  If you have a medical condition please get clearance from your doctor.


Group classes and corporate services also available. Please enquiry.

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Michelle Crowe 0414 464 278 -  Meditation, Collaroy and Balmain clinics, Online.  

Alexandra Plane 0434 926 657 - Yoga/Yoga Therapy, Meditation. Balmain clinic and Online.