Developing self-understanding and self-reflection are the first steps in unlocking ourselves from the ideals and beliefs that no longer serve us.  Counselling can support us to develop the skills to bring an understanding of the root cause of deeper issues that are having a negative impact on our lives and to make necessary and sustainable change. 

Counselling & Life Coaching Support Services

Counselling and Life Coaching can support by enabling greater self-understanding and a bringing of clarity and healing to presented issues. In this we can strengthen our ability to make sustainable changes to our lives. Coaching offers the support and space to empower responsible decisions and confidence moving forward with specific personal and professional goals. 

The Counsellors at The Wellbeing Sphere offer you the opportunity to discuss and express any issues you may have in a safe and nurturing environment.


This support is offered with no judgement due to the fact that we are never trying to fix you or make you better, but to empower and assist you to let go of all that is not you, including early childhood patterns and behaviours, innately re-connecting you back to the amazing ‘being' you truly are.

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To book a counselling or life coaching session with the Well-being Sphere contact Michelle on 0414 464 278.

Our clinic rooms are in Collaroy (Wheeler Heights) and Balmain.