Connective Tissue Therapy

This therapy consists of hands-on healing techniques performed with gentle rhythmical motions and offers support with a vast array of energetic, physical and emotional conditions including common musculoskeletal ailments. Many clients with chronic pain have reported feeling a reduction in pain levels over time and are much more able to manage their condition even after being told that living with pain was inevitable and life-long.
What is Connective Tissue Therapy (CTT)?

Connective Tissue Therapy is a deeply relaxing therapy that allows the body to completely surrender, letting go of tension and contraction in the muscles and giving the body an opportunity to return to its most natural innate state – harmony.

‘Connective Tissue Therapy accelerates soft tissue healing and supports the body to heal, soften and expand’. 

What is Connective Tissue?

Connective Tissue is the denser matter in the body that extends throughout the body like a river system of tissue supporting the organs, muscles, joints, nervous system, vascular system and lympathic systems. Even bone is considered specialised connective tissue.

The connective tissue plays a vital role in the body allowing the diagonal, rotational and torsion motions of the body – allowing a lightness and freedom of three-dimensional movement.

What are the benefits of Connective Tissue Therapy?

Connective Tissue Therapy is a gentle technique that allows for a more harmonious flow throughout the bodies soft tissue framework and hence facilitating deep healing and relaxation. 

Following treatments, many clients say they experience improvements across many physical, emotional and energetic conditions, some of which include common ailments of the musculoskeletal system. Research has shown that CTT may also play a role in pain management through its ability to promote greater flow and movement, and accelerate soft tissue healing. Energetically and emotionally, CTT allows an increased flow of harmony  in the whole body, assisting it to return to its natural state of balance which in turn serves to restore true vitality. 


Connective Tissue Therapy can be offered as part of an Energetic Healing session or as a stand alone session. 

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