Energetic Facial Release

Energetic Facial Release is a gentle yet powerful healing technique using a gorgeous light cream, it assists to release the tension and emotions that have been stored in the face, these emotions held over time create a build up in certain areas and can create hardness, heaviness, lines or jaw pain. Many clients now love to complete their sessions with an Energetic Facial Release. 

What is Energetic Facial Release?

Energetic Facial Release is an ancient healing technique dating back to Egyptian times. It is a deeply nurturing hands on modality consisting of gentle light massage strokes over specific areas of the face.

This amazing facial treatment assists in clearing long held emotions and tension from the face and in turn works by gently releasing holding from the whole body.


"Energetic Facial Release dates back to a time when women were prohibited from being touched on the body, therefore the Energetic Facial release massage was devised to give women the opportunity to experience a healing for the whole body while only being touched on the face."

Treating the Face & The Body


Our face reveals much about how we are living our everyday lives and therefore reflects how we are feeling within. Whether it is tension in the jaw (TMJ pain), tired puffy eyes or dark circles all this indicates some form of holding within.


Energetic facial release can gently assist in clearing emotions such as anger, frustration, resentment, sadness, pain and hurt and grief. During the treatment, the client can sometimes feel the body gently releasing that which has been held tightly in the body.


The Energetic Facial Release can be used in conjunction with an Esoteric Healing session or as a stand-alone treatment. Michelle is currently working with a client who has Parkinson's and his face had become hard and he was not able to show emotion. After one Energetic Facial Release session, he has noticed a big difference in his facial expression and his face is now much more supple. 


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