Bodywork & Energetic Healing

It's great to talk about the issues that we have in life and to gain an understanding of what is going on. Sometimes we need to get to the root cause of an issue and it can feel that something more is needed.

Bodywork and Energetic Healing 


Sometimes we need further support for the body when we are working through our emotional issues or in times of illness or dis-ease. The term bodywork and energetic healing encompasses the use of healing modalities or healing techniques that include Sacred Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Massage and Connective Tissue Therapy and Chakra-puncture.

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To book a Bodywork or Energetic Healing session contact Michelle on 0414 464 278 - Collaroy/ Wheeler Heights and Balmain clinics - or Alexandra on 0434 926 657 - Balmain clinic only .

Bookings can also be made online.

Woman having Bodywork